Website Writing – What Having a Website Can Do For You – Realistic Results You Can Expect


Many business owners have unrealistic notions about what a website can do for their business. Most believe that all you have to do is put up a site and hordes of people will come and throw money down demanding to buy. That can happen, but typically it’s a long-term process and there’s much more to it than simply putting up a site and hoping people come to it and buy. It’s an involved and lengthy strategy to turn a website into a cash machine and takes specialized information. What this article describes are the realistic expectations you can reasonably hold for the results of creating a business website.

1. It presents your business as credible and worthy of trust. Face it – without a website your business does not even exist to your target market. It’s become as basic a necessity as a business card. How much credence do you give a business when they tell you they have no website? You wonder how long they have been in business or if they’re a real business or not. Don’t you simply strike them off your list of serious contenders to provide services to you? There’s no feeling or permanence or professionalism.

2. It grabs the attention of your target market by describing problems they’re looking to solve. When your intended prospects search for the solutions you provide, your business comes up in the results (if you’ve optimized your keywords). If your website is written correctly, your prospects recognize your expertise in solving their problems, and show interest.

3. It is a 24/7 promotion and sales machine for your business. You completely detail all the information that prospects need to know to buy from you. They can read all about your business in the comfort of their own home at any time of the night or day. You don’t have to repeat the information over and over. Prospects are more informed and closer to buying by the time they contact you.

4. It makes it easy for prospects to contact you and inquire about your services and products. When you supply a contact form — and respond immediately when you receive one from a prospect — you’ve got a hot lead. This is business asking to be closed. Use language on this page that is inviting and presents you as friendly and approachable.

5. It showcases your success in solving the problems of your clients. You use case studies and testimonials to reinforce the effectiveness of your work. These “stories” and vignettes help prospects to be able to vividly picture themselves having those types of results. They can experience the contrast of the before and after descriptions and feel, taste, and see themselves in the same situations. This helps them get to the state of strong desire for what you offer.

6. It is a vehicle for completely communicating your business. You can cover EVERYTHING in full detail. You can answer all questions and eliminate all objections. You can show how all the parts fit together. You can demonstrate the logic and superiority of your methods.

7. It helps you develop crystal clarity on your business. In order to write clearly about what you do, you must think it through, make decisions and be detailed. This process helps you define your target market and define your positioning.

It’s a good idea to be clear and realistic about what having a website can do for your business. Take advantage of each of these aspects and get that website working for you and your business.

Date: August 21, 2022