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Saree Ki Dukaan Charamsukh
ullu original web series:-

Stars cast :- Sonia Singh Rajput (Renu Bhabhi),Allauddin Shaikh (Golu),Prashant Mishra (Sachin),Arohi Barde (Dolly),Manohar Telli (Mr. Dheeraj Pandey),Alisha Narone (Sunita)

Story: Golu, a useless boy makes out with a girl in his dreams every night. To make him responsible, his father makes him work at his ladies garment shop. Where he realizes that the ladies he meets at the shop take him to a new fantasy, but with the same girl. One fine day, the queen of his dreams stands in front of him. Is this a sign that his dreams will come true?

Date: May 6, 2022